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Be alerted

In the event of an emergency, it is important to get the right information quickly.

That's why your mayor, governor or Interior Minister will try to make the right recommendations as soon as possible. So that you know what to do to get yourself, and others, to safety. 

Get alerted through various channels

The government can use BE-Alert to alert you as quickly as possible, but BE-Alert is not the only channel. In serious emergencies, BE-Alert is not enough and we try to notify you through as many channels as possible

You can get an alert from: 

  • BE-Alert
  • Traditional media (Radio, TV, etc.)
  • Social media 
  • Door-to-door by police
  • Police speakers

Be prepared 

You can also take some steps to prepare yourself:

  • Sign up to BE-Alert 
  • Follow the social media channels of your municipality, province and the National Crisis Center