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Is BE-Alert free?

Yes. You can register completely free of charge. The messages you will receive are also free.

If during an emergency situation the telephone network is saturated, how can I receive a message from BE-Alert?

No means of communication is infallible. If the telephone network is overloaded, the competent authority will choose other channels to notify you.

Will BE-Alert be used for anything other than an emergency situation?

No. All messages via the numbers ALARM1789 or 1789 are sent in the context of a risk to the population or an emergency situation. 

Will BE-Alert be systematically used for all emergency situations?

Not necessarily. BE-Alert will not always be the most suitable channel to inform affected residents. There are several cases where Be-Alert may not be used:

  • if BE-Alert is not the appropriate channel because of the time (e.g. night), or the place (e.g. few inhabitants)
  • when the emergency does not require a warning for the population
  • if your municipality is not registered on BE-Alert . You can check on this map whether your municipality is registered on BE-Alert. Note: even if your municipality is not registered on BE-Alert, it still is useful to register.  
How can I be sure that it is an official message from BE-Alert?

You can recognize a BE Alert message by the number of the sender. It is unique and can only be used by BE-Alert.  Depending on your telephone operator you will receive a message from the sender:

  • ALARM1789
  • 1789

For a voice call you will be called by:

  • 0477 77 77 55

If you receive a message from another sender, it is not an official BE Alert message.

I don’t have a smartphone. Can I also register?

Yes. Be-Alert can send a message via text or voice messaging through landline, regardless of the technology you have or the network operator you’re subscribed to. To receive these messages, you must first register.med, regardless of which channel the government uses.


My municipality is not registered on BE-Alert. Is it worthwhile for me to register?

Even if your municipality is not yet registered on BE-Alert, it still is useful to register. The governor of your province can also activate BE-Alert. In addition, it’s possible that the municipality where you work is registered on BE-Alert. This way you will also stay informed if something happens in your workplace.

What do I have to do to receive a message from BE alert?

To receive a message from BE-Alert via text message, landline, or e-mail, you must register using the online form.  Please fill in as many fields as possible. This way you’ll stay informed, regardless of which channel the government uses.

Why do I have to register if the system can send me a message wherever I am?

A mayor, governor or Minister of the Interior can indeed choose to send a text message to anyone who is physically present in a certain zone. You do not have to register for this. 


However, it is important that you register in order to be notified. This is the only way to receive a message when something happens at home or at work, even if you are not there yourself. 

For example, if you live in a flood area you could receive an alarm warning about the increased water level, even if you are not at home at that time.



What should I do if I receive a message from BE-Alert?

Don’t panic. Follow the recommendations in the message 

  • If you have to take shelter, go inside the nearest building, close windows and doors, and listen to the media. Also follow the website or social media of your municipality, province, the Federal Crisis Centre, ...
  • If you have to evacuate, follow the guidelines of the authorities and the emergency services on site. 

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