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Notified, wherever you are

A mayor, a governor or the Interior Minister sends a message via BE-Alert in the event of an emergency.

This message is sent to residents affected by the emergency (e.g. because it is close to their home or because they live in a nuclear emergency planning zone).

The government can alert you in three different ways. 

1. Alert registered residents

Are you registered with BE-Alert? Then you can register multiple addresses. For example, your place of residence, your workplace or the address of vulnerable family members. As such, you will always stay informed. You can then receive a text message, e-mail or voice call

2. Location-based alerting 

During major emergencies or emergencies that require you to take urgent action, such as evacuation, the government can alert you based on your location

Thanks to innovative technology in Belgium, the authorities can send you a text message if you are physically present at the scene. You do not need to register in advance for this.
BE-Alert does not keep the contact or personal details it has used in this context. The mobile network operators only check if your mobile phone should receive a text message, based on the risk zone. They do not collect personal data or addresses. Six months after the alert message, they automatically delete the list of mobile phone numbers that were located in the risk zone.

3. Messages on the street 

Since 2022, it is possible to pick up BE-Alert messages on other screens as well. For example, a message may appear on a bulletin board in your municipality when something happens. 

In the future, this technology will be further expanded. For example, you could receive a message through apps or on the satnav in your car.