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Notified, wherever you are

BE-Alert notifies you, wherever you are

Depending on the nature and scale of the emergency situation, your municipality, province or the Minister of the Interior can send a message via BE-Alert with the necessary recommendations for your safety. 

This message will always be sent to the residents who are directly involved in case of emergency (e.g. local residents of a street, neighbourhood, nuclear emergency planning zone. To receive such a message, you must register in advance on BE-Alert. This way the competent authority knows who to notify at a particular location. 

Would you like to receive an alarm for multiple locations? You can register different addresses and different phone numbers: e.g. second residence, workshop, etc. This way you stay informed.

Example: I am subscribing to BE-Alert to receive an alarm in case of an emergency situation in my neighbourhood. By registering, I will receive information even if I am not at home. 

If I do not subscribe to BE-Alert and my municipality sends a message to my district to notify us of a flood, I will not receive a message.

In case of major emergency, it may be important to inform you, wherever you are at that moment. 

Thanks to a unique technology in Belgium, the government can send you a text message if you are physically present at the location of the event. You don’t need to register in advance for this

For example: I am shopping in the city and due to an emergency situation a certain zone must be evacuated. I can then receive a text message, asking me to leave a danger zone, even though I am not registered on BE-Alert.