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What is BE-Alert?

BE-Alert is the government's alert system. 

In emergencies, a mayor, governor or the Interior Minister may notify you. A message from BE-Alert tells you what happened and what you can do to get yourself to safety. 

You can receive this message via text, e-mail or voice call. In some places, you can also pick up BE-Alert messages on other screens, such as digital information boards on the public road. 

About BE-Alert 

In 2014, Belgium's National Crisis Center launched the BE-Alert pilot project. For two years, 33 municipalities were able to test BE-Alert, evaluate it and improve it along the way.

BE-Alert has been operational throughout Belgium since 2017. Currently, more than 1,150,121  addresses are already registered and 87% of municipalities are enrolled in BE-Alert. 

Check here to see if your municipality is connected to BE-Alert.