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What is BE-Alert?

What is BE-Alert?

BE-Alert is an alarm system that allows the government to inform you in an emergency situation. 

A mayor, governor or minister activates Be-Alert to send a message via SMS, e-mail or voice call to everyone impacted by the emergency situation. In this way, residents can quickly receive the necessary recommendations, like closing windows and doors in the event of a fire.

BE-Alert has sufficient capacity to inform a large number of residents at the same time via different channels. We will continue to test this capacity on a regular basis. 

Project BE-Alert

In 2014, the Crisis Centre launched the BE-Alert pilot project. For two years, 33 municipalities could test and evaluate BE-Alert and thus make improvements. At present, all authorities in the country have an alarm system to ensure the safety of their residents.

Since 2017, BE-Alert has been operational throughout Belgium. Currently, 1,145,588 addresses are already registered and more than 87% of the municipalities are already registered on BE-Alert.

BE-Alert is an ongoing project. We continue to search for new technologies and channels to alert people wherever they are.