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In what form will I receive the information?

In what form will I receive the information?

When using BE-Alert, the government can choose from different channels: text messages, voice calls via telephone or mobile phone, e-mail or social media.


  • Text messages and / or voice call and / or messages on social media, with an urgent recommendation (sheltering, evacuation, ...)

Example: Warning alarm. This is a message from your mayor. Following a fire in company X, we recommend that you close windows and doors until further notice. More info on ... "

  • E-mail: prevention message, sending a press release, long-term situation (e.g. electricity outage)

Example: "Preventive message. We have been informed of an increased risk of electricity outages over the coming days. Our municipality will be temporarily disconnected from the energy grid. This disconnection will take place on Tuesday 12 X between 6 pm and 9 pm. Please take the necessary measures for your family. You can find all advice and info on the website ... "

Please fill in as many fields as possible when you register. This way you’ll stay informed, regardless of which channel the government uses. 

In case of a text message, you will receive a message from the sender based on your telephone operator:

  • ALARM1789
  • 1789

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